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People are at the heart of every modern supply chain, and skills and training are crucial in getting the most out of re-designed operations, new processes and software deployments. Investing in the right training for employees not only ensures a confident, motivated and skilled workforce, but can realise cost savings, boost customer service and support long term performance. Our extensive range of courses can be tailored for individuals or groups, and provide dedicated, timely coaching.

Fundamentals of Supply Chain
December 26, 2019
Understanding of the different components and processes of supply networks, as well as methods and means to analyze their performance.
Warehousing Best Practices
Detailed overview of the field of warehousing from design, operations, racking, to material handling equipment
Warehousing for E-Commerce
Insight into the solutions that help manage the challenges, maintain a competitive edge and guarantee customer satisfaction
Fundamentals of Demand Planning
Demonstrates how effective demand management contributes to sales revenue growth
Getting Started with Warehouse Management Systems
Overview of the systems used to run and operate efficient warehouses. We review in detail the functionalities and technologies of a typical and best of breed Best-of-Breed WMS as well as the best practices in the implementation of a WMS.
All About Warehouse Racking and Material Handling Equipment
This course provides a complete overview of the different available racking systems and material handling equipment (MHE), and evaluates in detail their characteristics and applicability to different operations. Attendees will also receive an introduction to warehouse design concepts.
How to Measure, Benchmark and Improve your Warehouse
Provides the opportunity to compare your performance indicators against international benchmarks in the same vertical, and lists the solutions available to improve them
Transportation Management Best Practices
Provides with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan, manage and control all transportation activities
Warehousing Safety and Security
Provide a deep understanding of the laws and best practices of safety and security to meet global regulations and standards.
Introduction to Warehouse Automation
overview of the most common automations from light to heavy, how to evaluate what suits your warehouse and how they can help you achieve your goals.
Warehousing Costing and Billing
Provides attendees with the knowledge necessary to calculate, analyze and reduce costs incurred by the warehouse
How to Slot your Warehouse
Describes in detail the slotting methodology and the different phases that should be followed to ensure a successful implementation.



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Hi and welcome to SNS ! We are here to help you so let’s start a conversation.
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