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SNS Upgrades Tranzone To The Latest Version of Infor WMS

SNS Upgrades Tranzone To The Latest Version of Infor WMS

Dubai, June 2018 – SNS, a leading provider of consultancies and solutions for supply chain, is proud to announce the successful go-live of the Infor  Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) at Tranzone FZCO Pharmaceutical warehouse in Dubai – Jebel Ali.

Tranzone is a subsidiary of Banaja Holdings operating a state-of-the-art 3PL warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Tranzone has partnerships with leading Pharma companies around the world.
Offering a unique one-stop approach to its customers, Tranzone services include warehousing storage, inventory management, as well as purchasing and re-invoicing to distributors, all at one state-of-the-art location.
Considering the requirements to handle and monitor more than 10,000 pallets within three different storage areas depending on item categories, the need for a best-of-breed WMS solution became a must. In addition to implementing the Infor SCE solution, SNS consultants worked on reengineering the warehouse operational flows with the objective of streamlining the inbound and outbound activities.

With the new upgraded solution Tranzone can run advanced put-away processes, mixing Euro and Standard pallets in fixed width locations across the entire facility.
The Infor WMS allows Tranzone to track their stocks at various levels including production dates, expiry dates, countries of origin, and batch numbers, from receiving to shipping. All transactions and data are captured in the warehouse using wireless handheld devices ensuring fast processing and minimum data entry errors.

The 3PL billing module was implemented and configured with complex billing contracts to calculate storage rates based on pallet count, location utilization, as well as various handling charges basis.
"Infor SCE has many new features that will help us increase our operations' efficiency, increase our teams' productivity and provide more visibility to our management on the operations,” said Mr. Mohammed Malek Head of IT at Tranzone. “It was a great step forward for Tranzone to upgrade its Warehouse Management System to Infor SCE. This advanced technology will be an advantage for Tranzone in order to maintain its place at the top in providing high quality 3PL services for healthcare in the region."
“Implementing the Infor SCE solution for pharmaceutical products knowing the direct impact on people’s well-being is a challenge by itself” said Simon Kosseifi, Senior Manager at SNS. “I take the opportunity to thank both Tranzone and SNS teams for their professionalism and hard work”.

About Tranzone

Tranzone is 100% subsidiary of Banaja Holdings. Banaja Holdings plays an integral role in assessing and controlling international associations and investments across the MENA region, and together with Banaja represents a wide range of multinational, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.
Its world-class services combined with an in-depth understanding of the local markets have resulted in a host of breakthrough accomplishments since its establishment. Foremost of which is the achievement of the class ‘A’ Certification for its Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) system, making it the only company in the Middle East to achieve such a notable distinction.
Tranzone creates lasting partnerships with the clients to improve healthcare distribution by its commitment to delivering unique and efficient solutions through innovative services, advanced technology and superior market knowledge. The company constantly strives to exceed expectations through its commitment to continual improvement of its services. Through a combination of technology, experience and genuine passion, Tranzone creates lasting relationships, built on trust, that enable its customers to concentrate on their core business.

About Tranzone
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